Project week is back!

On Thursday we started working on our second larger project. Once again we will have a week to create a Rails application, except that this time it’s a team project.

Michael has predicted that by Wednesday latest a lot of us will be at each others throats but I have a good feeling about my team. I think we’re more likely to be eating a civilised dinner and drinking fine French wine than arguing over Git commits, but let’s see…

On Wednesday this week the instructional team assigned us into our groups of three or two and gave us the available project options. This time each team will have a different project. The projects were things like a website for fitness instructors to present themselves to clients, a website for the best coffee shops in the area, a website for a food sharing service, so quite fun stuff. But the most fun thing was (and my team and I agreed on it straight away): a dog dating website!

In order to have a fair process of picking the projects, we played code golf in our teams on Thursday and the team that won picked first, then the second team and so on.

Code golf is quite an interesting game whereby you have a number of challenges (holes) and you need to try to complete these with the least amount of characters of code (so basically as few strokes as possible).

Anyway, the outcome was that our team got to pick the dog dating app project. We got so excited, we set up a Facebook page for it straight away: Date my Dog on Facebook

We started planning the app on Friday and spent the whole Saturday together to work on the initial set up and figuring out a way for users to message each other (to set up the dates for their dogs) and to integrate Google maps with geolocation (to see the dogs in your area).

I think we’ve definitely got the right attitude and team spirit, now we just need to figure out that minor detail of technology…