This blog is about my journey to become a web developer. I quit my job in digital marketing and decided to take the leap and learn how to code – front end and back end. I have hardly any prior knowledge of coding but apparently it’s possible to go from zero to web developer in 12 weeks!

I’m taking the Web Development Immersive course at General Assembly, which is a full stack web development course. Monday to Friday, all day, all evening, every weekend. My goal is to find a job as a junior web developer after the course.

I did a lot of research and a lot of thinking before I came to this decision and reading blogs by students who have gone through the process was a huge help and motivator for me to finally decide to go for it.

So I thought I’d also write a blog – maybe it will help someone else who’s currently thinking about taking the plunge. If you have any questions, get in touch! hellorabea@gmail.com

I also write a travel blog: www.hellorabea.com. Come check it out if you need a break from coding!


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