Shock, horror – no internet!

This week I’m really busy with my final project and was already wondering when I would find the time to write a blog post. But as fate has it, the internet is down in hipster central! It’s 2pm in the afternoon and we can’t really do anything without internet access. So I’ve decided to use the time to write a post.

This week is what they call “computer science week”. The theory is that each of us students is preparing a lesson on a computer science topic and then teaching it to the others. Lessons in the mornings and project time in the afternoons and evenings.

Turns out that the computer science aspect isn’t taken too seriously and we were able to choose our own topics if we wanted too, even if they weren’t purely computer science related. Awesome! It was nice to hear people talk about topics that they were passionate about. For example CSS animations, parallex scrolling, a JavaScript charting library and Docker, a platform for something like virtual machines but better. I chose Meteor.js as my topic as I had wanted to have a play around with it for a while.

Meteor.js is awesome. It’s a JavaScript frontend and backend framework which makes it super easy and quick to create an app. Log in with omni-auth? One line in the command line, one line of code. Methods are written in JavaScript and understood by the client and by the server. It’s built on node.js and comes with websockets included. Just like that! Data updates so quickly. When you make a change in development, it gets pushed to the website straight away without reloading the page. So cool! I think I’m a Meteor.js groupie. I even created a little app on Meteor for my lesson which allowed the others to log in and submit questions.

Others who didn’t choose their own topics talked about ways of sorting data, strategies regarding which tasks to execute in which order, how to handle fluctuating volumes of data and quantum computing. I found some of these theories and strategies quite interesting and would like to learn more about it – ideally in a popular science type of format. Is there like a Freakonomics podcast for computer science? Freakomputer science? I need to research this.

Tomorrow will be our very last lesson! It’s only our penultimate week but next week  we’ll be focussing on our final project the whole time, so no more lessons.

Right, internet is still down*. Back to our hangman game.

Hangman game



* If you’re wondering how I published this post without internet… I didn’t. I wrote it during the painful two hours of no internet and then published it later when I got home.