The morning after…

It’s over!

It’s Saturday of week 12 and I just woke up from sleeping all day. Seems that I was quite tired after 12 weeks of an immersive web development course (and last night’s karaoke performance).

I think I still haven’t quite realised that it’s over and I won’t need to show up in hipster central on Monday at 9 a.m for our daily stand-up meeting (we were like totally AGILE and all that). No stories about how everyone struggled with the weekend homework or that they are so tired or the reasons for why they are late. I’m going to miss it!

This week was really busy with working on our final projects. I am creating a website to find partners for a double exposure photography collaboration. I really like analog photography and there isn’t a website for this specific thing yet, so I thought it would be nice to create one.

My website relies completely on the Flickr API. Users have to log in with their Flickr credentials and any photos on the website are pulled through from Flickr.

It was fun creating it. And this time I didn’t think that the technical implementation was the hardest bit but rather to decide what exactly the project should be. We didn’t have any guidance like for the previous projects and could create whatever we wanted. I found it difficult to estimate how much time it would take so I scoped the project quite narrowly and was told that it wasn’t complex enough to really show off my skills.

Hm, maybe not ideal. But I couldn’t really think of anything else that I wanted to do. And I have to say that during this last week I was just burnt out. I struggled to really motivate myself.

We presented our final projects on Thursday and got the famous WDI hoodie. General Assembly gives this to everyone who completes the course. It’s just a piece of clothing with some GA branding on it but it was a great feeling to finally be able to wear it. It meant a lot. It meant that we made it! So that was the first time that I felt a bit emotional this week…

We went out on Thursday night and most of us were suitably hungover and tired on Friday. Our careers advisor spoke to us on Friday morning about job hunting and her recommendations on what we should do to prepare for the meet & greet event. The event takes place in about two weeks time and is kind of a mini-fair where we present ourselves to lots of companies that are hiring junior developers.

So I think I’ll be keeping busy over the next two weeks with updating my CV and updating/creating various online profiles, ordering business cards, working more on my final project and potentially changing the group project a little, creating a portfolio website for myself and figuring out what kind of table decoration I want for the meet & greet event (yes, everybody brings in props for their stand… argh!). Oh yes, and then there was my personal Trello board which I created to keep track of all these things I wanted to learn… I haven’t even looked at that.

Anyway, back to what happened on Friday. Throughout the day everybody got their feedback from the instructors about the final project but also about our performance throughout the whole course. It was really nice to hear all the positive and encouraging things they said. Week 12 emotional moment number two.

In the late afternoon we had a little practise meet & greet event, where other General Assembly students had the opportunity to check out our projects. Our careers advisor snuck two people from a social media marketing company into the event and introduced me. They were very nice but I was a bit of a wreck – super tired, hungover yet tipsy from the prosecco we had before… err yes… never mind. Apparently they’re coming back for the real meet & greet event.

At the end of the day there were speeches and presents to thank the instructors. The regional director of General Assembly praised Michael highly (I think we all agree that Michael is the best teacher we’ve ever had!) and asked us to join into recreating that scene from the film Dead Poets Society where the students show their respect and support to their teacher by standing on their chairs and calling him O Captain! My Captain!

This broke many of us, including me. I was standing on that chair furiously wiping the tears from my face.

What a day!

In the evening we went to a Vietnamese restaurant where I had hired a karaoke room. Four hours of karaoke, then another 10 hours or something at Alex’s house, drinking, dancing, chatting.

So yes, I was feeling a bit tired today.