…aaaaand we’re back

After a two week Christmas break we’ve all assembled (no pun intended) again at hipster central to start the last seven weeks of our course. So nice to see everyone again!

This week stands under the sign of JavaScript and we jumped straight into it on Monday with an introduction to variables, functions, booleans, strings and what not in JavaScript. Hey, kind of looks like Ruby! We know all this! So how hard can it be?

On Monday afternoon we learnt how to listen to events in the browser and then make stuff happen when these events occur. Again, seemed relatively straight forward.

And then came the homework: MTA stations calculator! Uaaaaahhh… Michael had promised us that we’d never have to touch this project again. But Michael is skiing this week, so the TAs have taken over – and decided to torture us with this.

We had the working Ruby code, so just needed to transfer this into JavaScript. Again – not too difficult, surely? Well, it turned out it wasn’t just a matter of adding a ton of squiggly brackets and semicolons to the Ruby code. But I got it working in the end and went home at around 9pm.

Today we did a code along in the morning where we created a cash register which adds up the amounts entered and displays each amount on an individual line. All without a browser refresh. Pretty cool!

I had some time during the explanations of the individual steps in class and decided to jazz up the plain grey and white CSS design and create a disco calculator. I like to amuse myself with those kinds of things sometimes.


In the afternoon Guy (the A-to-Z CSS man himself) introduced us to jQuery, which – according to the grown-ups – is the most amazing thing since sliced bread. I don’t know, at the moment I just find it confusing. I have hardly even started to digest JavaScript and now this?

Guy started showing us a whole lot of theory about it and then we went on to create a drop down navigation using jQuery.

No homework tonight because GA has organised a joint dinner for us and the UX students so that we can network (what I’m hearing: free food and booze!). Looking forward to it!

On a slightly different note, GA (who are also offering digital marketing courses) had a funny social media marketing #fail today when they suggested that I should do their front-end course to learn JavaScript. Haha! What was that about the cobbler’s children’s shoes? My Twitter profile clearly says that I’m a WDI student… Know your audience, GA!



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